Working and Employment opportunities abroad

Many people dream of a change of life, a new job, a new house maybe, well with today’s highly networked world it is even easier to make those changes and more and more people are considering a wider challenge and making the leap to a new life abroad.

Moving abroad is certainly a daunting idea and there’s no doubt that preparation is the key. There’s plenty of advice around the internet, we have some useful articles on this website, and it’s worth contacting the local immigration agencies to see whether you require work permits or visas to get a job in the specific country you are interested in. For example if you want to work in the EU and you are an EU citizen it’s very easy, you generally have free movement in terms of working and living, though you may have to register in certain countries. For non-EU citizens it can be harder and a longer process to get residency permits.

Often a prospective employer can help with the specifics of working in a new country and for some jobs the employer will sort out all the necessary paperwork for you, even finding you accommodation in some cases. For most though it’s a case of doing your research and finding the right country that suits you and also the country that has the opportunities or demands that suit your skills.

Language skills are always in demand as are certain skill types. Typically these are specialised and require a good level of education and professional experience. For example there is always a high demand for Engineers, Scientists, Doctors and Healthcare workers, but it’s not only the traditional professions that are available to the job seeker abroad, IT workers, Construction specialists and Customer Services are all careers that feature highly in our most popular job types.

Whatever country you choose and whatever skills you have there are more and more people like you who are choosing to live and work abroad, the process of achieving this is becoming easier and there’s many resources available to help you on your way. We will continue to upload useful articles to the site and point you to any external resources we find.
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